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Kevin Knuth

And having a "caucus" to determine who will receive political appointments...say Council Attorney, is not very transparent.

Ed. note: Every two years, the members of the Indiana House of Representatives and the members of the Indiana State Senate meet in a Democratic caucus and a Republican caucus to select candidates for the leadership positions of Speaker of the House and President Pro tempore of the Senate as well as leadership positions of the respective caucuses.

Those candidates are then nominated on the floor and voted in a roll call vote in televised session.

The House and Senate leadership then appoint the staff positions of the respective caucuses without a vote.

Zach Bonahoom

Gambling would be good for the city revenue wise, but I submit to you that it wont work unless smoking is allowed.

Mike Harvey

So I wonder if the mayor has already had a location suggested to him for where a casino might work...

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