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Robert Enders

I don't care if a casino opens as long as no public funds are involved. The potential viability of a casino in Fort Wayne has several things going against it:

1. There are already several casinos throughout the Midwest, reducing a new casino's potential share of the market.
2. The regional gambling market may decline due to the overall economic situation.
3. Younger adults are not as interested in games of chance as their elders.

Michael Barranda

I'm indifferent about the casino. However, I did want to point out that Julie's comment indicates that she also disfavors the drug and alcohol tax. The ATC says that those taxes are responsible for $42 million in revenue. That's a lot of money.

Doug Lehman

I'm a Fort Wayne native currently living in the St Louis area. The presence of casino gambling has increased crime in the casino areas and increased law enforcement expenses materially.

The revenue to the schools is marginal. It hasn't helped, and the St Louis school system is arguably the worst mess in the country. It was taken over by the State of Missouri in 2007.

There is a Missouri ballot initiative in Tuesday's election to increase the individual loss limits.

Casino gambling is a bad idea here in Missouri and it will be a bad idea in Fort Wayne.

Mike Harvey

Thanks Doug... Those comparisons to what happens in other locations is helpful.

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