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Barry Wiggins

That's terribly saddening news. But no sense in keeping a well-built old structure around when you can replace it with a parking lot or a crappy prefab warehouse. That's the modern American way.

Kristina Frazier-Henry

Wait. Is this where I'm prompted to ask the obvious question.


I looked at the stuff up for auction - the interior of that house is drop dead gorgeous.

Doesn't it fall into historical jurisdiction???

Jennifer Zartman Romano

I am shocked! What a gorgeous property I can't believe someone wouldn't want to move this house somewhere else. You can't build something like this today. I am so, so sad. Someone -- please save this place!

Sue Richards

That is really sad. I pass that beautiful home on my way to work in New Haven.

Bob Gaul

Damn shame they can't "relocate" the building (historicasl preservation society...where are you?)....seems s pity to raze a nice, solid brick structure like that.


Angie Quinn

The Dr. Cowan House is eligible for the National Register. If anyone plans a project using federal or state transportation funds at the site after this landmark is destroyed, they might find that the funds are not available, due to federal statutes that do not allow federal funds to be used to adversely affect historic structures.

Kristina asks if the house falls under some historical jursidiction. Municipalities and counties in Indiana can adopt a Historic Preservation Ordinance, which places some protections on landmarks like this. Fort Wayne has such an ordiance, and as such, owners can voluntarily place their home under the ordinance's protection, which provides design review for exterior projects. (demolition is an exterior change, on a giant, horrible scale).

Both Allen County and the City of New Haven have the information about adopting a Historic Preservation Ordinance, and ARCH and others have pushed for this for several years. Unfortunately, neither has adopted an ordinance at this time.

Angie Quinn
Executive Director
ARCH, Inc.

Kris Bowers

The sight of this house was always a gentle reminder of civil existence and the nobility of solid craftsmanship among the trucking boneyards and neon of the New Haven to Fort Wayne gauntlet.

john b. kalb

Mitch - Is this demolition to make room for the South end of the unnecessary Maplecrest Road/ Adams Center connection? Or is it to make room for one of the "new" (or relocated) businesses due to this boondoggle (from which the funds to pay for it will be coming from)?

Jason Blosser

Readers want to know. Why is the house being demolished? It's beautiful!

Jeff Smith

Yes, if anybody has any information as to why this beautiful old house is being torn down please let us know. I can't believe demolition is the only option for this house. Is it a imminent domain situation or something like that?

Kristina Frazier-Henry

More information from the auction company

They need the ground to expand the business. The house was not cast effective to bring to code.

Thank you


Kristina Frazier-Henry

and from another source:


The house is currently used for office space and is occupied by a truck
sales business called Pampered Coach. Attached to the house is a newer
building which is used for truck maintenance. This building was recently
expanded and I'm guessing that they're moving their offices out of the
house and into the newer building. The house will likely be demolished to
create additional parking area and to accommodate future expansion. You
can see the buildings on the following aerial:


John Rolfe

I think the guy thats owns this business is a great guy. To all of you that have negitive things to say i ask you this, what have to done to prevent this from happening, why didn't you come to the auction to help save some of this history that you supposedly care so much about? Stop complaining and writing comments on here. Don't you all have something better to do with your time? I think this will be a great new look for this part of town and
Indiana as a whole. You all have forgoten the jobs that were created by this new renovation. Look at the big picture folks. Now go do something with your life that doesnt' involve trying to critique others. Start worrying about yourself.

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