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brian stouder

Funny you should mention Knox College and the Lincoln-Douglas debate there. No doubt many Fort Wayne people (including my wife and I) will be headed to Galesburg, Illinois early in a week and a half, for the Twenty Third Lincoln Colloquium being held there. It will coincide with the 150th anniversary of the senatorial debate held there between Abe and the Little Giant, in their race for a Senate seat.

Just a week ago the still-extant Friends of the Lincoln Museum gathered at the Allen County Public Library, where we listened to Dr Joseph Fornieri deliver the annual R Gerald McMurtry Lecture. His talk was titled "The Intelligent Patriotism of Abraham Lincoln" (I joked with him after the talk that my bet is Abe would have run away from such a description of his patriotism! - certainly in 2008, that sounds like "elitism"!!!)

Speaking of public lectures - IPFW's Omnibus Lecture Series is underway, and well worth catching if you can. They are free and open to the public, and the venue is the new Auer Performance Hall in the John and Ruth Rhinehart Music Center. My son and I caught John Esposito’s talk about the Muslim world and America, this past Wednesday evening. He gave a great lecture - very lively and informative; and the crowd he drew was quite impressive - the hall will hold 1600 people, and it looked more than 3/4 full, to me.

Next up in that lecture series will be Eugene Robinson (a Washington Post columnist, often seen on cable television) discussing our ongoing presidential election. (later in the series, Hal Holbrook will present his Mark Twain performance, and retired Justice of the Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Conner will be here early next year.

Karen Goldner

It was a lot of fun, and interesting to hear how the conventions were both similar and different in their operations.

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