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john b. kalb

When the original Southtown Mall was built, does anyone know if the city redevelopment people were in any way involved. And, if they were, does this tell us anything about why some projects, like Glenbrook, are still viable? In contrast to a mall that completely fell apart AFTER all the public monitary help stopped? I guess I will, like Kristina, spend some time at the library.

Ed. note: Well, what I recall as interesting about the original Southtown was that there was a land swap with the city.

Kristina Frazier-Henry


I don't know nearly as much about the history of Southtown Mall as I do Glenbrook Mall...but here's what I can tell you...

Southtown Mall was a 7 million dollar project (comparable to Glenbrook's spend) but was developed by Melvin Simon (Indianapolis) - Glenbrook Developer was Landau, Heyman, & Clay (Chicago).

It broke ground in March 1967 so if you're going to do some research - look between 1966 (when the project was announced) and 1967, when it broke ground.

Al Zacher (according to one of the Fort Wayne books I have), "represented" the developer of Southtown Mall.

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