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Megan Hampton

Interesting. Mr. Boscia did a lot for Lincoln. Hopefully SunLife will have the success Lincoln has had in these crazy financial times.

Jason Blosser

Boscia did a lot for Lincoln?

I think I hear the sweet refrain: "Another one bites the dust..."

Nick Metel

Actually, Jon Boscia did do a lot of good during the decade he served as CEO for Lincoln Financial Group. Though many in the area are still disappointed in the decision to move corporate headquarters from Fort Wayne to Philadelphia shortly after becoming CEO in 1998, it is important to note that the Annuities division never left and is indeed still headquartered in the Fort Wayne office.

Under Boscia’s leadership from 1998-2007, he was able to put together a strong management team, and Lincoln was able to experience a good deal of growth. Significant market share increases were realized in many of their product categories during that time, particularly in the variable annuities market.

So, yes, Jon Boscia did do a lot of good for Lincoln while at the helm.

Kristina Frazier-Henry

I'd love a rundown of the specific criteria which proves your theory that Jon B. "Did a lot of good".

If you need a list of what others did versus what Jon did, please refer to Lincoln's own website.


I see during Ian's time, much activity in acquisition and growth.

I see in Jon's time - lots of PR spin - oh - and a stadium name! Whee!

I'll set my google alerts up to track SunLife.

Oh - and I hope that Lincoln has an iron-clad confidentiality agreement set up with Boscia and his followers. We wouldn't want anything unethical to be happening - especially since it appears that SunLife and Lincoln compete in some of the same markets.

Megan Hampton

As with all companies, some members of management are ALWAYS better than others;) Don't forget all the wonderful things he DID do for the Fort Wayne area though. The 1.1M donation to the zoo and the merger with Jefferson Pilot which enabled a large amount of people to be hired back that had been previously let go.

Jason Blosser

Did you work for Lincoln during Boscia's reign, Nick?

My inside observations of Lincoln and its management during the time in question are not flattering.

I suppose it's all a matter of perspective.

Megan Hampton

I was simply wishing him well. Of course there will always be better and there will always be worse. I'm certainly a Dennis Glass fan:)

Nick Metel


Five of the six years I spent at Lincoln were while Boscia served as CEO. What I saw was an effective leader who was able to drive positive change, who was able to keep things moving forward even during challenging economic times, who was able to construct an impressive leadership team, and who worked to have a positive impact on each of the communities in which Lincoln had a presence.

That is not to say there weren't times I questioned some of his decisions, but my overall experience working for Lincoln while Boscia was at the helm was very, very positive.

So as I said in my previous post, I personally do believe Boscia did a lot of good for Lincoln as its CEO. At least that was my perspective, and as you so correctly said, I suppose much of it is indeed a matter of perspective.


I worked for Lincoln for almost 20 years, leaving when I left the Fort in 2001 for a much bigger firm. I would have preferred to see Gabe Shaheen named as CEO as he was much more well balanced and expereienced. Jon was never the caliber Ian was. I left after being told I was an "A" player but realzed Jon was running a "B" company so I jumped my native city and a firm I thought I would retire from.

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