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Fred Rost

Whitley County, Saturn Church?

Ed. note: No, Fred. I'm afraid that others are going to run rings around your Saturn.

Terry McDonald

This is the church across the road from Southern Wells Schools.

Dan Turkette

Not sure where that is, but apparently there is more than one neon sign like that.

Ed. note: Your sign example looks like it has a little more modern neon typestyle.

nancy allen

Churubusco on the main street?

Ed. note: No, not Turtletown, USA.

Robert Enders

My guess is that this is a trick question and the adjoining county is an Ohio county. Is the picture from Paulding County?

Ed. note: It is not a picture from Paulding County, Ohio.

John Glasper

Laud, IN?

Ed. note: Laud no.

Liz Schatzlein

Noble County, near Cromwell?

Nick Metel

Defiance County on State Road 2?

Alex Jokay

It seems vaguely familiar. Broughton, Ohio, by any chance?

Jodi Dean

Ossian Indiana. The home sets at an intersection across from an ice cream shop and a coffee house.

Kevin Whaley

Wells County across from the Southern Wells schools on S 300 W (aka IN 303).

Karen Goldner

Good grief, Mitch. You're killing us! Come on, give it up....

John Glasper

I hope you appreciated the softball I threw you. Laud no. Hilarious!!!

Jim Billings

Seems to me I have seen that before in Butler (DeKalb County)?

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