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Phil Marx

I've always been impressed with the knowledgable and professional manner in which Mr. Clark presented information in the past. But his presentation at last week's Council meeting was nothing short of pathetic.

Does he seriously not understand the difference between "employee" and "position" or between "should retain" and "must retain", or did he just not want to explain himself? I believe at one point he even said he could still get the missing information to the Council members that night if they wanted. Odd thing to say, since the night was almost over by the time he said this.

Kristina Frazier-Henry

So where is he off to?

dan jehl

Clifford Clark is very talented. This is a loss of technical, management, and commmunication-smart talent. Clark won awards for the City of Fort Wayne in the past couple years, and his work with John McCauley on the City-County public access website is truly state of the art.

I hope that there is a joint administrator now hired for fiscal reasons and because the joint city-county portal for public information is just the beginning of future opportunities with today and tomorrow's communications technology and its applications for city and county services for state of the art use and saving tax money in doing so.

Jason Blosser


"This is also a topic of discussion on Fort Wayne Observed.

"On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 3:41 PM, Anonymous wrote:

"Wondering if you two remember Clifford Clarke from our Lincoln days. In bold move a couple of years ago the City of Fort Wayne hired him as the CTO for the city. Well if you rememeber the Clifford that I do he didn't know anything, could never answer a question with a straight answer, and like to try and talk circles around any and every issue. Well... He got caught and he is now paying. Take a look at this clip from last Tuesday's, Aug 19th, City Council meeting.


Because of this and many many other problems he has caused the city he is no longer employed by the city government, well he is on "unpaid leave" officially. He was escorted out of the building one week later.

Some people are promoted way beyond their abilities.


Karen Goldner

Clifford and I have been friends for a long time (preceding his time in city government) and although we disagreed strongly on the IT contract, I have a lot of respect for him. Being the City CIO is a challenging job as I commented on FWP and won't repeat here. Clifford is a talented guy and I wish him the absolute best.

Robert E Pence

I worked with Cliff at Lincoln Life for a while. He's a personable, likeable and articulate guy.

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