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john b. kalb

Hey, it's no problem - Leatherman, Richard and Co.(Plus one of our Allen County Commissioners - Nelson Peters) got the State Department of Local Finance Director to OK the back-up of these lease/bonds with Fort Wayne General Property Taxes. What a deal we have - Everyone off the hook except the taxpayers! Have you noticed that even the "Naming Rights" deal has not been heard about even though it was to have been "a done item" way back in February of this year! What exactly has Hardball Capital and Barry Real Estate done? It appears that it has all been "Talk" to this point. Doesn't that make you feel real confident that this will be the "BIG DEAL" as sold to our Fort Wayne Common Council?

Robert Enders

Weren't those condos integral to the success of the project?

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.

Please hold them to the fire Mitch....

And BTW on behalf of LPAC and all the other citizens and voters whom were against this boondoggle as originally planned and implemented...

... see we said so.

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