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Kristina Frazier-Henry

Awesome! That's my birthday. I think to mark both occasions, you should all send me Target Gift Cards.

Megan Hampton

Does anyone know if this is going to be a Super Target? I am salivating....

Ed. note: It will not be a Super Target because it won't have a full line of groceries. I would expect, though, that it would still feature several rows of Archer Farm branded and name brand food products.

Andy Borgmann

That's funny as there is a Super Target opening within a mile from my home in Alpharetta, GA that is also opening on October 12th.

Bob Gaul

And here I am still mourning the loss of OUR Target across from K-Mart on the south side several years ago...(must be the neighborhoods directly behind that former store that led to it's demise...along with sundry other businesses.

As one closes, many more will open elsewhere. That's just good business (and a lot less loss).


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