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Robert E Pence

If I remember correctly, a rash of arson fires destroyed several structures in Swinney Park in the mid to late sixties.
Again if I remember correctly, the fires were ultimately traced to a disgruntled former park policeman who lost his job when the city disbanded the park police.
I say that with a disclaimer; as I've gotten older, my memory has become so acute that sometimes I remember things that never even happened.

George Morrison

Thanks for the nice article and the photo of the two handsome guys.
This project, though complex in relation to it's size, was one of those that leave you with a real feeling of having contributed something that the community will value for a long time.
Much thanks must go to those in government who insisted on quality over lowest cost. An increasing rare occurance!

Patrick Mc Donnell

While the new pavilion at Swinney Park is visually attractive, no one has commented on it's practical value. My observation is that as a 'pavilion' it leaves something to be desired. The roof is raised so high that I cannot fathom that it provides much protection from either rainstorms or sunlight. Our predominant inclement weather usually blows in from the West or North and I don't see that this building is going offer much protection from the elements at all. But, maybe I'm missing the point of this project. A purely sentimental financial expenditure at the expense of the FW taxpayer maybe???

Lynne Bush

Having traveled abroad, this evokes a vivid memory of Japanese architecture. I commend those involved with this wonderful reproduction. Protection from the elements?? Yes, this is missing the point completely and emphatically. If someone is seeking refuge from inclement weather I doubt they would be strolling through Swinney Park at the same time.

Bruce Heffner

Just now noticing the pavilion and wondered how much it cost to build? A very complex
looking roof to build and also are those
real tiles or metal ones used? Green would have been a better choice of color for a
even more oriental look! Also wonder if I can see what the original one looked like? If any
pictures are available or whatever. Thanx
for the much work and planning to keep the
"Japanese" look at Swinney Park!

Bruce Heffner

The pavilion is a great design and and also are the tiles real? I wish they were "green" though and also wanted to know if the design duplicates the original?

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