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john b. kalb

Mitch - The new (& expensive) bike racks that have been installed in various places downtown are of the old, obsolete, front wheel only design - but boy are they colorful!

Ed. note: There are two new racks downtown. The one is on Calhoun across from the Hilton; the other is in front of Toscani's. Both support the frame. The spiral looks like it only takes the front tire but the spiral is wide enough to allow the frame to be attached to it.

I will agree that the two racks have some expense to them and that they are colorful. Both are standard designs from a particular company.

I think it important that private funds be sought for racks. These are visible and at a cost point that funding them should be attractive to private donors. That's why I am interested in ensuring that the one at the City-County Building be done as a private gift.

Nancy Nall

The standard one around here looks like a big sine wave. Problem solved. Please send me my $100.

Re: Do you have a photograph of it or can you direct us to a Grosse Pointe or Detroit website featuring the Motor City version?

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