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Everett White

I wanted to attend this evening, but other things came up. Maybe next month.

Ed. note: Not maybe, Everett. It has to be a definite.

It was a blast. Certainly more smiles - many smiles - from motorists and passersby - than frowns at the 100 bicyclists.

Kudos to the FWPD officers who interacted with the Critical Mass ride.

The two Spaulding brothers - David and Scott - had a blast, too. Among other things that can be said about the ride - we will not be thinking about the City-County Building parking garage in the same way again.

And it led to the discovery of the latest find among Fort Wayne weblogs - Dan Dienelt's MadDeafblogspot.com or Deaf Thuggery. Mr. Dienelt is pretty much the official photographer of Critical Mass.

Michael Kerney

Clearly, I have no idea what you guys look like... and dang it, Everett!

Ed. note: You urged me to promote the event and attend. I kept wondering which one of the bicyclists you were.

Mark Andrews

So how do we attend the next one???

greg L

how do you attend?

Just show up to lawton park on the last friday of the month at 6:30pm

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