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Melissa Kiser

Thanks for adding ACPLinfo to your blogroll! I am more impressed with Fort Wayne and its bloggers every day.

Carl Harz

Having been with the city during 11 of Paul Helmkes' 12 years, I thought he did a pretty good job of running the business of city government. That is why I found it odd that Graham Richard needed a deputy mayor. Part of Grahams platform was to reduce 'excess management' and eliminate waste in upper management.

Graham was known to be away from his office more than he was in it so the need for a deputy mayor arose. I mean somebody had to do the daily business of running the city government. Since Mayor henry appears to be in the office, maybe the need for a deputy mayor is no longer needed.

Ed. note: The Deputy Mayor position was intended originally during the Richard administration to provide a substituted title for the Chief of Staff position. You may recall, Carl, that Greg Purcell served in that position for two mayors.

Andrew Downs, the current Democratic member of the Election Board, was the original Chief of Staff for Graham and it was intended, I believe, to provide Andy with that designation.

However, the term "Deputy Mayor" was more than an alternative designation for a position under the Indiana Code because the state statutes designated that term for the City of Indianapolis - a city of the first class - and provided that the "Deputy Mayor" would temporarily become acting mayor in the event of death or incapacity of the mayor.

Later, the legislature amended the statue to allow all cities of the second class to create the statutory position. Fort Wayne did so and appointees such as experienced business executives such as Al Moll and Dave Ridderheim served with distinction.

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