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brian stouder

And note: Casey's schtick is to charge LESS for premium than for regular unleaded!!

There is one in Logansport that I never fail to buy a fountain soda pop from, and tank up.

BTW - some fellows and I played took a day off and journeyed to Columbus, Ohio on Friday. Gas in Fort Wayne was $4.18/gallon that day, and as soon as we crossed into Ohio it was in the low $3.80's. In Columbus it was in the $3.70's

Ed. note: The premium was blended with ethanol -
"Casey's gas stations are dropping the price of premium unleaded below the price of regular unleaded because they are blending premium with 10% ethanol."

John Glasper

My daughter and I left Fort Wayne on June 22 to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX and Mount Rushmore near Rapid City, SD. Gas was $4.09 at the Speedway on Bluffton Rd. We didn't notice a big change in gas prices until we hit Missouri which was $3.73. All throughout Mississippi it was $3.83, in Louisianna and Texas it was $3.89. Now keep in mind that these prices were right off the interstate highways. Once in Houston approximately two miles north of the Space Center we found $3.69 a gallon. I found this to be against common sense. Isn't gas cheaper to deliver if the gas station is right off the interstate as opposed to in the middle of a city? Anyway, leaving Houston we traveled north into Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota where the price per gallon was $3.83 to $3.89. As a side note we stopped in Salina, KS for gas and on the way back to the interstate we stopped for some ice cream. We got two, double dip ice cream cones for an amazing $2.68. It must be a lot cheaper to make ice cream in Kasnas as well as deliver gas. On the way back to the Fort, gas in Minnesota and Wisconsin was $3.99 per gallon. This may be due to oil hitting record highs at the start of the week. Chicago and the far northwest area of Indiana was $4.25 per gallon. When we arrived back in Fort Wayne it was $4.12 at the Speedway on Bluffton Rd. All in all I was suprised and dumbfounded as to why Fort Wayne's gas prices are what they are. We went through cities smaller, of similar size and much larger than Fort Wayne and with the exception of the Chicago area, Fort Wayne's price is higher than all of them. I would love to hear an explanation for this.

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