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Bob Gaul

Got my paper an hour late, but still got it.
(and I had to expound on that today).

Gotta LOVE those software glitches, don'cha?
Well, that's what happens when the "system" crashes while updating a website feed to the machinery that still presses the print.



Andy Borgmann

Awesome. I was a paperboy for 3 years, starting when I was 9 years old, for the News-Sentinel and nothing like this ever happened.

I guess everyone just had to switch to FWOB for their news ;)

Ed. note: I was a substitute carrier for a friend who had a News-Sentinel route. I sympathize with all carriers past and present.

Terry L. Hudson

It's 1:00PM and we still don't have our morning paper at the office.

Ed. note: And your business is a substantial classified advertiser, isn't it?

Cathy Dee

There's another word(s) for "throughout the day" newspaper...web site.

Ed. note: I subscribe to that thought.

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