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Jason Blosser

Maybe Paul needs another job. I've seen him making the news rounds this week, and on Fox News Tuesday evening he came across as a very unhappy individual.

Does he really believe in what he's doing?

Did he just need some work?

Does he hate living in DC?

Jeff Pruitt

The Constitution wins!

That is news these days...

Ed. note: Well, yes, but see Charlotte Weybright's following comment. Read from her second paragraph on - she accurately states - and this is something the NRA and Paul Helmke agree on - that the decision will open up a wide range of litigation for years to come regarding the constitutionality of a wide range of ways that state and local governments will try to regulate firearms

Watch for the City of Chicago to be in the forefront of all sorts of litigation in this area.

Charlotte A. Weybright

I don't see the decision as changing much. The Court made clear that gun ownership and/or possession was subject to regulation.

The main question clarified is that the right to bear arms is an individual right and not a collective right.

The offshoot will now be that groups who believe gun ownership should be entirely free of restrictions will tend to challenge regulations put in place as unconstitutional.

Thus, back to court we go for a determination of the constitutionality of gun regulations, and we will now see a lot more activity in the courts in regards to that issue.

Andy Borgmann

Paul's wrong. Sorry Paul. I like you and all, but you aren't right on this one.

Roger McNeill

Yes, sadly, it is big news when the Supreme Court actually upholds the US Constitution.

It would be even bigger news if they started paying attention to the 10th Amendment as well.

Bobett Kelley

Hooray... Ya Hooo...Absolutely... Win Win!

We can all unite on our 2nd Amendment constitutional rights. It's about time our Federal Government upholds the law! It only took 20-30 years for the District of Columbia, Washington D.C. to fact check via
the Sumpreme Court.

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