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Charlotte A. Weybright

I had met Schellinger several times during his campaign and talked to him and listened to him. I liked him, and he seemed to really care about Indiana and our party. While I knew I would support JLT, I felt Schellinger was articulate, had good ideas, and cared about Hoosiers.

I never thought he would act this way if he lost. He has shunned the Democratic party - he was not in attendance this past Saturday (at least I didn't see him, and he is pretty visible).

For someone who says he cares so much about Indiana, Hoosiers, and our party, he has acted like a spoiled child who didn't get his way.

He was the candidate of choice of the "powers-that-be", but Dan Parker (one of Schellinger's proponents) was at the convention and has thrown his support behind JLT.

Schelllinger's guest column reiterated much of what was found on his website after he lost the primary. He is a sore loser and has shown he really doesn't care about the citizens of Indiana.

Kevin Knuth

Sounds a lot like Nelson Peters....

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