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Robert E Pence


Our neighbor at the family farm used to keep horses and was too cheap/lazy to feed them adequately or take care of her fences. It was less cute to see real horses in our cornfields.

Robert E Pence

Some people say the drive across Illinois on US 24 is boring, but I've done it many times and I think it's beautiful. That land was never forested like much of Indiana; it was buffalo prairie and it's flat-flat-flat with few woodlots, an expansive feel and quaint country towns. On the other side of Peoria it changes markedly, and from the highway you can seem miles of marshland waterfowl nesting area.

Ed. note: A few years ago, we drove across Illinois on US 24 during the third week of September. The weather was brilliant and harvesting was in full swing. We often had to slow for trucks bearing large loads of corn. It was a great time to witness the incredible bounty of one of the world's most productive stretches of farmground.

This trip was taken after rains which have caused flooding, yes, but which have also provided 140% of the annual rainfall. The fields and forests are lush and green. Field corn is ahead of the growing schedule. Two trips, separated by just a few years, which allowed me to see the same landscape at the peak of the growing season and at the peak of harvest. Simply amazing.

Alec Johnson

Wow, I drove by that same field last year and, like you, had to stop and take a photo. I did a little digital manipulation and it has been the header picture for my blog at http://linearbean.blogspot.com/ since it's inception. That image obviously birthed the name of my blog as well.

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