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Chad Ryan

Taylor Street near the Ardmore intersection.

Ed. note: You are correct. It is located just east of the intersection on the north side across from Lindley School.

Two others also had the correct answer. However, one didn't wish his name used and the other didn't leave a full name.

I know one - and I believe both - of the earlier responders work in the City County Building.

K.E. Casey

I think it's on "This is Why Young People Want To Leave Fort Wayne" Street.

Mike Harvey

That tree has a great sense of humor to allow that sign to be posted on it. A guy who didn't have a good sense of humor about trees was Jesus... who withered up a poor fig tree just because it wasn't bearing any fruit that year. Maybe that tree was just trying to have a sense of humor by not offering fruit in prime number years... I mean they don't have much to work with. Maybe they think that's funny. Every tree can't be the tree that dropped an apple on Newton's head. How does any tree follow that up? That tree definitely needs a hug...

Robert Enders

I think that's rather harsh, Casey. In every city in the United States there are people who hold beliefs that some may find repugnant. These people are entitled by the First Amendment to hold these beliefs and express them to others.

Suppose you are correct and that small sign plays a role in someone's decision to leave. There are young people around the country who share the belief expressed by that sign, perhaps they might want to move here as a result of seeing that sign on this blog. Perhaps you can put up a sign of your own, so that young people who happen to share your beliefs will want to move here.

John Good

Seems like that sign has been there for a very long time. . .any more info on it?

Chad Ryan

Too Funny, Ms. Kasey.

Or it could be, as it turns out, "Why Pro Athletes From Fort Wayne Don't Come Back" Street.

Jon Swerens

Also called, "This Is Why Somewhat Older and Wiser People End Up Moving Back" Street.

Charles Langley

Can I pay with installments and what kind of APR are we looking at in this economy?

Matt Rupert


Its hard to defend ourselves (Christians) when we do stuff like this. It is rather funny, but sad too, because it sends a really harsh message about church.

C. Edward Eckert

This FW expat wishes he could live on "Welcome Back to Fort Wayne" Street.

Matt Rupert

As to why young people leave Fort Wayne: There are no jobs, and I don't see the leadership of Fort Wayne doing anything to bring good jobs to the area. In fact, I've only seen jobs leaving the area.

...This is coming from someone who would absolutely LOVE to move back. I can't. Where would I work?

Andy Borgmann

I am a young person and I am trying to get back to Fort Wayne. Right now I live in a wonderful suburb, outside of Atlanta. But still, it ain't Fort Wayne.

Although I do sort of agree with the jobs sentiment of C. Edward Eckert, as I don't think I will move back until I have secured my job as a "remote" job based out of Atlanta (or elsewhere) and working from home in Indiana.

P.S Absolutely hilarious Jon Swerens.

Joanna Wittke

Why would someone older and wiser move back to Fort Wayne...
It's a sad, dying place.
Too bad I can't get paid to spend time with my family and friends all day, or I might move back. Maybe. Some day. Possibly.

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