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Michael Kerney

Out to lunch? Out on vacation? Out to the ballgame?

Out putting a for sale sign up?

john b. kalb

You know we, including our City Common Council, do not have anything in print on the financial position of Hardball Capital due to the "stonewalling" of our previous administration. Check out the Hardball Capital website and see:
They still list the Salem Avalanche as a team that they own - but they sold it to Fenway Sports Group in December of 2007
They had publicised that they had purchased the Savannah Snad Gnats in March of this year, but, per the minor league website, the team is still listed as being owned by John Simmons - the same guy that was to have sold the team to Hardball in March. Rickshaw Baseball,LLC who is listed as the operator of the Snad Gnats does not seem to be related in any way with Hardball.

Just what kind of orgainization are we tied into on this "beginning-to-stink" deal??

Will our City Common Council ever get serious about finding out what is going on? I mean, besides asking the owners of the owners of BS Fort Wayne 1 LLC, Hardball Capital, Barry Real Estate, et al to speak(or is it just "spin") to them like occured last week?

Can someone get any info on this group that is not "filtered"?

Bobett Kelley

This is a surprise.

Jason Freier, CEO of Hardball Capital, the Wizards’ owner, so there are many factors beyond our control. Of, course there is,
it's going on across the field, into our homes,and the bottom-line is.. this project does not provide a good rate of return on our long term dollars spent in
Fort Wayne, In.

Gomer Pile used to say, "Surprise, Surprise Surpise."

"Barry Real Estate Companies Inc. can't build condominiums at Harrison Square unless it pre-sells more units."

The economic outlook...let's not give one nickle or dime to these developers in tax abatements. Earn money the hard way.
Earn it.

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