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Dawn Wilson

I wish my company's customers would agree to our six digit contracts with as few Milestones, Deliverables, and Specs.....

Scott Freeh

Another thing that is REALLY odd about this contract is that it is only signed by one person. Many city contracts are signed by the controller, the department/division head and even the mayor. They are also frequently reviewed by the purchasing director.

It sure doesn't seem like that was the case here. Multiple levels of approval keep deals like this from going through without the appropriate review.

john b. kalb

Scott - Take the time to look at the purchasing documents used to pay for all the land for Harrison Square - most, if not all were signed off by Greg Leatherman (in his previous position) and a clerk in the Revelopment Department and a clerk in the Controller's office. One was initialed by Pat Roller. Most of these were for a lot more that $10k.

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