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K. E. Casey

Isn't there some kind of implied warranty of non-urine-soaked-airline seating equipment? I mean, isn't that part of the deal? I don't know. This didn't come up in Contracts.

The more satisfying option when faced with this scenario would have been to throw a giant tantrum, get kicked off the flight, and then call the local media. I'm sure that raises problems of its own, but it would have most surely been righteous. It's not being a diva to request--at the very least--a dry seat.

brian stouder

The easy joke is, the previous passenger must have been the renowned author,IP Freely

One would think that the passenger who irrigated the seat should have been arrested, unless there was a very, very good reason that this came to pass (so to speak).

It is amazing that such a bio-hazard didn't ground the plane - and how long would it have taken to clean - or to bump passengers off the plane?

C. Ford

You should tell your friend to search http://consumerist.com for A******* A******* Executive E-Mail Addresses...and then have them read up a bit on the oh-so-effective EECB. I believe they'll be able to get a refund or flight voucher out of it at the very least.

Also, if they're really feeling ambitious, have them send their story (or even your version of it) to the Consumerist's tip address. I have a feeling this story would get picked up...

Ed. note: I may do that. The Consumerist has visited Fort Wayne for a wedding in the last year or so and has corresponded with FWOb.

Robert Enders

Pet stain remover is good for getting urine out of carpet and furniture. It actually works best when the urine is still fresh. I'm suprised they don't keep a bottle on board.

Sam Talarico

Mitch, it was just a coach seat. Now days, you need to fly first class to get your bag of peanuts and get a urine free seat.

Nancy Nall

I'm reminded of the old "no one can take advantage of you without your permission" canard here. If ever a situation called for a big fat tantrum, this one did. Sitting in a pee-soaked seat? Does it get any worse than that? (Don't answer that.) I'd be on the warpath with flaming tomahawks.

Andy Borgmann

Flying from midwest to Texas (maybe, Dallas, ehh?)

A****** A****** ?

Not leaving too much to the imagination as to what airline this actually is are you? ;)

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