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Toby Mac

Is the council candidate Mahlon Houlihan related to former councilwoman Sandra Houlihan?

Ed. note: Yes, Mahlon is the son of Robert and Sandra Houlihan.

Jim Howard

Council Candidate Jim Howard is the son of Gordon E. Howard and Joanne Howard (formerly Sullivan) of good Irish Catholic stock and Scotch-Irish Protestant stock, having a long history in the United States from the era of the New England colonies until present, all having fought in some war in defense of our freedoms Revolutionary War, Civil War (ninth Vermont infantry), WWII in Europe and Japan and Jim Howard in Desert Storm I (kicking the Iraqis out of Kuwait). My ancestors were here longer than yours unless your Native American.

Jim Howard for County Council
May 6th Republican Primary

Jason Blosser

To quote Sean Connery in "The Hunt for Red October:"

"Personally, I give us...one chance in three." And that's being optimistic.


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