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Joe Taylor

Well, Santa Monica HAS always been one of my favorite places ... I say we go for it!

Cathy Dee

Oh yea. Buy it.

C. Eckert

Lets put it right beside the Old Fort...

I'm kidding, of course. But then again it would give a unique view of the fort and river.

Daron Aldrich

Put it at the Zoo.

kat. rohrbacher

I think its a horrible idea. Fort Wayne is going to start looking stupid if we keep throwing all of these random things downtown. Its going to look like the circus has came to town. You have to think about it like how a painting is made, using composition and editing is a very important part, what goes in and what stays out. The ferris wheel worked well in the santa monica painting but would look horrible in the fort wayne landscape.

Brady Laughlin

I normally like this kind of idea, but it seems like it might become our cities' version of a broken down camaro in the front yard. oh, and I found this on the ebay page:
"Please note: Base support structure of Wheel is not included in price and can be purchased separately, if buyer so chooses."
Anyone know why they are getting rid of it?

Ed. note:

Reportedly because the folks at the Santa Monica pier are ordering one even taller.

Bob Gaul

The way politics works in this city (Harrison Square is a perfect example), having something that goes "round n round & up n down" makes SO much sense...

(the "circus" is here to stay, btw)



Mike Harvey

If I were totally in charge I think that I would go for it, but only if a spiral effect emanated from the wheel creating a hypnotic effect that helped everyone follow the correct orders...

Kristina Frazier-Henry

I like the zoo idea. Or perhaps more specifically - Swinney Park - as amusement rides existed there before.

Alex Jokay

Fort Wayne's better than some Santa Monica hand-me-downs from the Disneyscape district, even if they're cheap. Why not spend the same money employing local talent to come up with something original and unique to the city?

Ed. note: That kind of thinking, Alex, is exactly why your opinion is always welcome here.

Kristina Frazier-Henry

I always thought it would be neat if someone did re-build the idea of an amusement park like what was located in Swinney Park or Robison Park. I'm not talking about anything extravagant - but something that is classy, fun, and family-friendly. It's a shame that kids either have to wait around for TRF or they have to take a trip out of town/out of the state to ride that ferris wheel or experience their first roller coaster ride.

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