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Kristina Frazier-Henry

This is like Web 2.0 or Web 3-D or paradigm shifting or moving cheese, right?!

(Insert roll of eyes here)

C. Eckert

I don't think this is a helicopter parenting situation. Having worked in a dorm for a very breif period. I experienced parents wanting to hold over in a dorm and had heard stories of this from others.

I think it is rather common for parent that are in need of a place to stay and think its perfectly OK to stay in a dorm. I think it has nothing to do with helicoptering and more to do with lack of consideration for the roommate, or other people in general.

I hope student will learn from this incident, that parents and friends are not allowed to stay in the dorms for a reason.

Bob G.

Helicopter parenting...what a crock!

Maybe that psychologist should try to explainall that to the mother and daughter that stomped a teacher IN her classroom in Atlanta.
'Ya think?


Catherine Bourne

As a professional who has lived and worked in a Residence Hall for 5 years (not "dorm", and if you do not know why, your credibility is gone), I do believe this is a helicopter parent issue. "According to court documents, she was unhappy about something Miss Martinez had said to her daughter the night before and "confronted" her." Holding up in the suite with her daughter might be simple desperation, but confronting the women on behalf of her daughter is typical helicopter parent behavior. I suggest you read anything from Neil Howe or William Strauss about millennial students and helicopter parents.

Ed. note: I don't have any special information as to where the Fort Wayne Police may have obtained the photograph that accompanied the appeal to locate the woman charged, but given the disheveled appearance of the woman and the nature of the photo, it is not unreasonable to assume that she had had an earlier exposure to arrest.

Is stabbing someone to death "typical helicopter parent behavior"?

Kristina Frazier-Henry

As a chick who has a master's degree in College Student Personnel Administration from Indiana University (studied under the best - Don Hossler, George Kuh - any of those names ring a bell for you?) - I know what the hell every single name is for a 12 x 12 hole that college students can be "housed" in.

Also, I assume you acknowledge that entities like The Chronicle of Higher Education, NASPA, and The College Board (just to name a few) are legitimate so perhaps you should write to them (and all of the other higher-education related organizations) regarding their use of "dorm".




Cause gosh - you need to worry about their credibility before you have to worry about mine or anyone elses in Indiana. And feel free to debate me more on credibility at kristinafh@gmail.com

Kristina Frazier-Henry

Here's what most likely happened.

The woman was probably homeless or between homes and shacked up for two weeks in her daughter's DORM ROOM and you know the rest.....

C. Eckert

Didn't know someone could get so upset over the word Dorm. The only people I ever ran into that used the word residence hall in casual conversation were administrators.

And at the junior college I was a Resident Director of a female dorm, I saw Kistina's last post play out all too often.

Steve Long

In other words:

"Parents need to butt out and let us highly educated professionals decide what is best for children."

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