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John McGauley

I felt it. Felt and sounded like there had been a car accident down the street! Sharp vibrations and audible rattling. Woke me from a dead sleep.

Karen Goldner

It was like a great big truck was driving by but without the noise.

My monitor shook which is how I knew it wasn't just me.

A little creepy, I'll say.

Scott Spaulding

It felt like a shearing lateral movement back and forth through the house walls and I knew it couldn't just be wind

Daniel Harrison

The earthquake was pretty strong in Greencastle. I woke up from a dead sleep too along with most people I talked to.

Andy Borgmann

Ahh you got to be kidding me, I missed it!

I can remember feeling an earthquake in Fort Wayne when I was really young.

Heck, I lived in Los Angeles for 4 years and I didn't experience any earthquakes (at least none that woke me up from my sleep), and I consider this one of the largest disappointments of my collegiate experience (other large disappointments: not seeing a high speed chase in person, and not learning to surf).

Angie Quinn

A second small earthquake happened at 11:14am. Everyone in the Hall Community Arts Center in downtown Fort Wayne felt it. The windows rattled. USGS says it was 4.5.

Everett White

You know you're in public safety when you can wake up to an earthquake in Indiana, go, "huh, well that's interesting," and go right back to sleep.

I've felt at least one "aftershock" since...about ten minutes ago everything wobbled again.

Dawn Wilson

At 11:14 am CST this morning, there was another earthquake centered in much the same area as earlier today. It's listed on USGS.gov as being 20 miles SSE of Olney, Illinois (ID 2008qzbw) and 4.5 Richter. Three of us in my office on the NW side of Fort Wayne felt it. I see that it's just been updated to 4.6.

John Corbin

Man, I was totally asleep and then an earthquake?? My bed was gyrating and I thought someone had broken in my apartment...I was ready for anything. But then as quick as it happened, I fell asleep again. Too much excitement for a Friday...

Charlene Hissong

That is the first one I have ever went through. It scared me really bad. I thought it was the dog. Turns out it was a earthquake.

Karen Goldner

Speaking of dogs, the thing that surprised me is that our dog didn't seem to have any response to it at all. She's apparently got no future as a weather-dog.

Ed Rose

This was my 3rd and 4th here in Fort Wayne that I remember... Saturday in November of 1968. The next was June 10, 1987 at around 7PM (my wife and I was out for our wedding aniv.) Then the two the two today.

If I had to rank them.

Robert E Pence

Maybe how it was felt depends upon the soil structure where you live. Following a thread on urbanohio.com I've read of some people describing a lateral or rolling motion, but what I felt was a jiggling motion. I suppose it might have been lateral, but it felt a lot like what I feel when a train passes on the other side of Swinney Park, only stronger. I think a lot of the houses here by the river sit on sandy clay; I know mine does, because I've had to dig up a sewer.

Karen Goldner

I missed the one in 1987 because I was at Southtown Mall at the time - nothing like being in a building with giant footers to keep you from feeling the vibrations.

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