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Andy Welfle

I guess it *sort* of looks like a grenade? With a leaf on top?

Dan Turkette

That is too funny. No blood (or money) in that turnip. LMAO

Bob Gaul

Took the words out of my mouth, Dan...lol!

Nice to know that the FWPD's "Bob" is getting some fresh air...
That's *0* for *2* now, right? (with the rosewater at the FWIA)

Still, better to be safe than sorry, espcially where VEGGIES are concerned (that turnip might have come from MEXICO and snuck across our border).

Curious thing, the FWPD radio mentioned Mark GiaQuinta's office as the location of the "suspicious" package".

Also, no one mentioned the line about "falling off the turnip truck".



Andy Welfle

Oh, wow -- BoingBoing.net picked up the story! Check it out:


Now we are the laughing stock of the entire planet! (not really.)

Robert E Pence

My grandmother said that although Dad never was a picky eater, he couldn't abide turnips. Now I understand.

Karen Goldner

Turnips don't kill people...

And I admit with great embarrassment that I did not get the pun of this title until just this afternoon.

Ed. note:

That's OK, Karen. Other people didn't notice the drop of blood at the bottom of the turnip photograph.

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