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Bobett Kelley

It's a miracle for one family and a sheer
tradegy for another.

Bobett Kelley

My heart & soul & prayers are with these Taylor University families always. As we were traveling northbound I-69 that night stopping to get gas...minutes before...thank you Jesus... for allowing us time to go around this.

God Bless Us all,

It's a Miracle!

John McGauley

I read a large portion of this book this evening and tonight after picking it up earlier in the day.

It is incredibly powerful and hard to read without being overwhelmed with emotion for these two families. This book is a real testament to the power of faith and family.

Readers will be grateful that the families participated in this book and offered us such a wonderful lesson in dealing with loss.

Karen Ricci

Most powerful and wonderful book I have ever read. I cried from the beginning to the end, I hardly left a dry page in the book. thankyou to both families for sharing this with the world.

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