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Jim Billings

The Coliseum may have been "just outside" city limits in 1952, but that was annexed a looooong time ago.

C. Edward Eckert

"The county is paying for it by adding a penny tax on food and beverages sold there"

Is it really just a penny? or is it 1%. You are hearing this with the property tax reform. $1 dollar for every $100. Isn't that 1%?

We only have 100 of those 1 percents to give.

Cory Johnson

Maybe Randy is speaking about a negative impact? Perhaps the millions that have been lost by placing a new roof on a 50 year old building? Or perhaps the number of gallons of paint it takes to keep the exposed structural members painted. Although he could be descibing the amount of money they collect for parking? It would be great if he could put some data behind those numbers. Maybe he could tell us how long it will take for the "big dig" down town to pay for its' self.

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