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Jon Swerens

Excellent and correct guess.

Ed. note: Jon- I have not yet been able to confirm that is a photo of Andy's.

I know your call is definitive given your day job. Can you give another URL cite where the photo appears?

James Tew

I looked it up in the AP Exchange database, and the photo credit reads: AP Photo/Journal & Courier, Andrew Hancock

Ben Keeler

How much longer is Purdue going to stick with Tiller.....I would imagine people are starting to clamor for a new coach

Nancy Nall

How'd he get that angle? Is he so amazing he can actually FLY?

Ed. note:

Many of Andy's most outstanding basketball photos are done by attaching cameras to catwalks and overhead structures. He can then fire the cameras remotely.

There is an overhead structure in Purdue's practice facility, although I don't think this shot was taken with a remote camera.

Not all of Andy's mastery consists of sporting events. You can see a great example of a very small scene Andy shot for the New York Times here:

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