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Kevin Knuth


I am hurt you did not choose to show pictures 22 and 23. They are pictures of MY home!

Angie Quinn

Bob Pence has the most amazing ability capturing the true beauty of downtown Fort Wayne. Thanks, Bob, for showing off historic preservation at its best!

dave macy

Mr. Pence has an incredible ability to make snow actually look inviting! I loved that area of the Fort, and our own neighborhood was also a thing of beauty when laden with snow. We lived on the boulevard on South Harrison in a historical home that was designed to reflect a trolley car.

Charlotte A. Weybright

I have to admit I am prejudiced when it comes to West Central. I love the neighborhood, and I love living here.

Did you ever see such a beautiful array of different architectural styles all dressed in winter white?

Jenelle (Bunton) Steeg

i agree with Charlotte. West Central is a great place to live! I love seeing everything all dressed up. Even though we're in sunny Florida now, seeing the old neighborhood covered in snow makes me wish I were back!

Victor Locke

Fantastic pictures! It's great to see Fort Wayne able to enjoy the beauty (and headaches) of snow, especially after the mess of flooding. Mr. Pence was able to capture the beauty and detail the weather brought out in FW's historic homes. By the way, 25 feet of snow has fallen this season at the ski resort north of Durango, with about 10 feet in town. Love it!!! Go fast...


LOVE your photo's. I lived in this neighbor in the 70's, I was even able to locate the house I lived in. Thank you.

Ed. note: This comment does not contain a full name nor did it include an email for FWOb to request.
However, FWOb is allowing an exception to the posting guidelines so that photographer Robert Pence may see this compliment for his work.

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