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john b. kalb

Chris Guerin should re-read the audit notes on Pat Roller's report from the SBOA if he thinks that his redevelopment department did everthing on HS above-board. That state agency sure did not "endorse" these actions. In fact, the actions of our Fort Wayne Redevelopment Department & Commission lead directly to Senator Kenley's Senate Bill 17 which has passed the senate and is presently in the Indiana house for action.
John B. Kalb

mark garvin

Mr. Guerin seems to understand that "lack of transparency" suggests "something was kept from the public," so I am confused by his confusion about this "insinuation" by Tom Smith.

In case Mr. Guerin has forgotten the events and actions that he approved and perhaps helped plan, he might want to read the News-Sentinel article from January 2007 entitled "Secret Saga of Harrison Square." If he has difficulty locating it, the DFWB blog has a link on the entry for January 28, 2007 under the heading "Saving Money through Secrecy."

Or, it might be easier to ask his Redevelopment Director for a copy, since that gentleman was quoted at length describing the cloak and dagger tactics employed so that the Commission could purchase, or obtain options to purchase, millions of dollars of land, without the public discovering the Commission's activities.

Or, Mr. Guerin could go back and review the minutes of the (closed to the public) Executive sessions of the Commission where he authorized these purchases.

I suppose Mr. Guerin could also review the minutes (or tape recordings) of the April and May City Council meetings, where more than one councilman, on more than one occasion, instucted the Redevelopment Commission (and the Mayor's office) to provide more information to the public cocerning Harrison Square.

It would be more straight-forward for Mr. Guerin to simply say: To heck with you Tom and your concerns about transparency. Our Commission committed millions of dollars of public funds in closed sessions, and without advising Council or the public, because we think we are authorixed to do so and because we thought we had good reasons to do so." Makes more sense than feigning indignation over "insinuations" that seem to be spot on.

Jeff Pruitt

Mr Guerin should understand that legal does not necessarily equal transparent. To call the Harrison Square process "transparent" would be a bastardization of the term.

As Kalb and Garvin point out, it's quite disingenuous for Guerin to feign shock that someone might actually think the process lacked transparency. In fact, the majority of the citizenry probably feels this way.

I want to thank councilman Harper and the other members that sent two of the sitting redevelopment commission members packing and replaced them with two qualified and capable replacements...

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