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Mike Sylvester

Actually the winner of the Democratic primary will face the winner of the Republican primary. Mark Souder will have to actually win the Republican primary before he moves on to face the winner of the Democratic primary.

I know of a Republican from the northern part of the 3rd Congressional District that is likely to challenge Mark Souder.

Mike Sylvester

Ed. note:

I had originally written the post in the manner you suggested.

Of course, you are correct. Mr. Souder has not yet won the Republican primary and there is an opportunity for others to file in that primary and the possibility that there may be candidates in November nominated by the Libertarian Party or qualify by signatures.

There have been rumors of a primary challenge to Mr. Souder since last year. However, no one has yet to emerge. It is likely that Mr. Souder will be the Republican nominee and so I took editorial license.

On the other hand, your comment highlights the technical requirements of the election law and is just the sort of thing I like to point out from time to time.

So, please keep comments like this coming, Mike.

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