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Jason Harris

That's great, lose the election - spend more of my money. Hope the three of them picked up their own tabs.

Ed. note:

The event did not use public funds, if that is what you are implying. It was a reception open to the public but the space and food were donated.

Everett White

I spy.....Scott Spaulding!

And front and center, my uncle, Gabe Delobbe.

Ed. note:


I didn't know you two were related. Did Gabe give you photography tips over the years?

Sam Talarico

Mr. Harris, I have taken a hiatus from blogging lately, but your idiot comment has forced my hand. The Republican Party took care of the cost of the event and yes I did pick up my own tab... it was a cash bar.

Don Schmidt served this community for 36 years and your concerned about a 90 minute cocktail party to honor him??

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