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Sylvia Smith

Curious timing? Here's the truth: I finally finished it and wanted it off my plate before my duties as NPC president start!

Ed. note: I should have rephrased that, Sylvia. Rather than permitting an inference to be drawn that the timing was related the upcoming caucus, I should have just noted that the story may gain some national play because of Senator Bayh's support of Senator Clinton.

By the way, is it a tradition of the National Press Club that the incoming President's chili recipe gets featured on the club room menu for the year?

dan jehl

Congratulations to Sylvia on both. The NPC in DC is like the Baseball Hall of Fame. It's a process where you pay your dues and where merit and time requirements make one truly earn it--and in this case, deservedly so. Moderate-size city press may need to wait longer and keep doing what they do, and then maybe-in this case, a home run.

Also, on the Senator Bayh story. This was one where only the fearless dare to go. Although off the plate, I trust the issue and the Bayhs are not off the public radar.

There's a lot more to this story yet that needs to unfold---like how it ends.

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