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Andy Borgmann

As a 2001 Homestead Alum, I can say with out a doubt that Homestead High School prepared me incredibly well for college and beyond.

Like many things in life, you never realize what a blessing something is until you are faced with that which is outside your walls. After living for four years in Los Angeles, and now in Atlanta, and seeing what other friends around the country experienced in High School, all i can say is that Homestead was such a blessing.

I often joked with college friends that my hardest year of college was my Junior year of high school. Teachers like Mr. Kuhn, Mr. Schmidt, and so many others should be greatly rewarded for their impact to my generation.

I now live in Atlanta, produce a nationally syndicated talk radio show, and I know with out a doubt I wouldn't be here with out the amazing privilege God placed in my life to attend Homestead High School

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