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Daniel Harrison

In case you were wondering which candidate in the national election would be the most fiscally conservative...The New York Times reported that Ron Paul's campaign, despite having spent only 46 cents of every dollar that it has raised, does not give out signs to supporters but rather encourages them to make their own or buy them from the campaign "at cost".

Adam Mildred

Mitch - I think Ivan Hood's sign was larger than Mr. Paul's.

Tim Dauten

Mitch, on behalf of the future of this country, thank you for letting people know Ron Paul is 'bigger' than his rivals. It only makes sense to vote for Ron Paul...he has never voted to raise taxes, he supports preserving our constitution, wishes to lower healthcare costs, and is against gun regulations....just to name a few. Thanks again!!!

Cory Craig


Ron Paul is the only candidate worth voting for in decades. He is a man of principle and has not let politics corrupt him in his 30 years of public service. Not to mention, he is the only candidate who lets the Constitution guide his decision making and not special interest groups, like the others.

Kody Tinnel

Great post Mitch.

Ron Paul is a great candidate and a great American. We need more elected officials like him.

tim zank

In re: Ron Paul,

A relatively small handful of commendable positions does not a presidential candidate make.

I concur with a couple of core beliefs candidate Paul espouses, but do I consider him capable of leading the free world?

In a word, No.

Nathan Pannbacker

Good to see the Ron Paul campaign treated in such a friendly manner by the Allen County Republican Party. He'd be a great leader. It'll be a grand day when the Republican Party at large embraces him. Judging by his rapid strengthening this could be quite soon.

Jim Martindale

My family and I have just finished watching "Amazing Grace", the wonderful story of a courageous man named Wilberforce. Most of you probably recognize his name from the annuls of champions for human decency as he opposed the slave trade in England during the period following our American Revolution.

What I found most interesting about this passionate portrayal of Wilberforce was how the French Revolution and the Napoleonic war with England played into the background of how the success was orchestrated in Parliament.

The facts are that the Rothchild family fortune was amassed on a false report that the British were losing a key battle in the war and the controlling interest in huge numbers of British companies was acquired for a fraction of their true worth as the marketplace plummetted on the false bad news. Shortly thereafter the GOOD and true report made it to the island and the stock market soared and gues who now "owned the gold".

Since these days the nature of slavery has been expanded to include all people in all nations who elect to use fiat money created by an international cartel of bankers. Lenin saw the power of the nature of money when he said "If I can corrupt a people's money, I can corrupt a whole nation."

Dr. Ron Paul, in stark contrast to the description by detractors who liken him to a leader of McVeighs, even an Islamo-facist, rather has been a champion on the order of Wilberforce, for monetary reform as prescribed by our Constitution. He has held steady to the same course for over 30 years. He will not be swayed because like Wilberforce he will serve only the Truth with God-fearing character. If the electorate in this country fail to comprehend the absolute thievery and bondage of fiat money schemes like ours and do nothing about it in huge numbers then Lenin has been affirmed again.

I believe in the future of the rule of law as presented by the framers of the Constitution. Ron Paul is the only man willing to be the standard-bearer for us who are the true patriots and true Americans.

Melissa Lineberry

Ron Paul can lead the free world because he is the only one that wants us to stay free. The others just pay lip service to being free. Dr. Paul will make sure we go back to the road of freedom that made this country great

tim zank

In r/e Ron Paul...Melissa sez: Ron Paul can lead the free world because he is the only one that wants us to stay free.

That could very well be one of the most misguided statements I've heard lately. I realize emotion plays a huge part in this campaign, but reality is called for here and the road of freedom you speak of, is fraught with reality filled pot holes. Dr. Paul has some great sound bytes, but his over arching plan (if you can call it that) is to bury our collective heads in the sand. To basically retreat home from ALL altercations and protective details and set up an isolationist and target prone country. Just picking up our marbles and coming home from all the worlds hotspots is a perilous plan of in-action.

If you think it's a shame to have a wall on our southern border to deter mexican nationals, just wait until you see the size of the walls this nation will need for protection if we defer to an isolationist policy.

This isn't a time for sound bytes and "feel good" politics, it's a time for reality based world leadership, and Ron Paul just ain't the guy.

Jamie Jackson

I'm a longtime Ron Paul Republican and the organizer of the Salem, OR Ron Paul meetup group and I want to encourage all Republicans to give serious consideration to what is happening. I'll use my state as my example, since it's what I know firsthand.

Here in Oregon our campaign is the only one with any vitality. We won the Oregon GOP straw poll on 10/6 with 67% and we've swamped the state GOP HQ twice with RP supporters eager to drum up new registered Republicans who will be able to vote for "our Thomas Jefferson" in May. (The only other campaign to send anyone was Huckabee's; they sent 1 while we sent over 15.) There are now over 20 RP meetup groups in Oregon with more appearing all the time. We have our own custom web site at oregoniansforronpaul.com and recently sponsored a RP sign-concept contest which drew over 400 entries from across the country (and even a few from other countries). We love sign ideas because we show off our RP signs at multiple weekly visibility events in several cities, including mine, and strongly encourage others to do the same elsewhere. We deploy custom signs as well as official ones; anything to get the word out and expand public awareness of the candidate and the ideas of liberty.

All that has been done despite the fact that Ron Paul and his campaign staff have yet to spend their first penny in my state. We Oregon Paulunteers have done *all* of that (and lots more) on our own.

That is only the beginning of what we will bring to the table for Ron Paul against Hitlery.

Ed. note: "Hitlery" is not a term FWOb would normally OK for a comment. However, the use of agressive terms by some supporters of Ron Paul has become a topic of coverage in the 2008 campaign.

FWOb suggest for further reading this Wall Street Journal article from November 24th entitled "Paul's supporters clash with the media": http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB119587208818602847.html

Melissa Lineberry

Tim says-Paul has some great sound bytes, but his over arching plan (if you can call it that) is to bury our collective heads in the sand.

Tim goes on to say that my comments above -- about Dr. Paul NOT just paying lip service to being a free nation but trying to restore us to actually being a free nation--- was an emotional statement.

Wow where to begin-Tim have you ever heard of the Patriot Act or the Homegrown Terrorist bill - Do You even read the constitution. I know you maybe don’t care about such freedoms as you seem concerned about other countries not this one.

Dr. Paul would never put his head in the sand but the 2 things he would do -Only send the Military in the USA’s defense and only if Congress declares a war- wow what a novel concept to obey the rule of law.

I would have to say that your comments are they ones that are emotional because I have taken the time to research a candidate and his ideas instead of making accusations without making sure they were backed up by facts.

Tim Dauten

In reference to Mr Zank's response....How many of the other candidates (on both sides) have military experience? Does Rudy? How 'bout Hillary? Does Fred Thompson playing a pretty Naval Commander on Hunt for the Red October qualify him? In your one word...NO
I am a veteran and I would put my money on a man with military experience any day over a good actor.

tim zank

Well Melissa, I appreciate your passion for your candidate. You actually help make my point though, Ron Paul isn't a "big picture" kind of guy.

You Say "Dr. Paul would never put his head in the sand but the 2 things he would do -Only send the Military in the USA’s defense and only if Congress declares a war- wow what a novel concept to obey the rule of law." See...that's a soundbyte, not a plan.

Mr. Dauten, I have no idea what put a stick in your spokes, I made no reference to military experience whatsoever.

Melissa Lineberry

Tim you may be right Dr. Paul is not a "big picture" kinda guy. He is American that cares about Americans and the rule of law. And I guess I will never understand the world you live in where the Constitution is just a "soundbyte". Guess it means nothing that the Homegrown terriorist act has passed the house and is now in the senate. But hey as long as we take care of the "hotspots" in the world as you say who cares if the US goes broke and our soldiers die. It is all in the name of the "big picture".

Paul Morrison

Tim said, “I am a veteran and I would put my money on a man with military experience any day over a good actor.” So, am I to infer that you would have preferred Alexander Haig to Ronald Reagan?

Ed. note: That's a good one, Paul.

Tim Dauten

My reference to a military leader was to back up a 'leader of the free world.' I don't claim to be a big fan of Reagan either. He is not the issue. The issue is weather or not Ron Paul can lead the free world. My comment was that no other candidate can claim to have military experience, something many people think is a requirement. You claimed Dr Paul would 'retreat and make us target prone.' Therefore, my comment on military experience came into play. That's why I said I would lay money on a person with military experience any day.

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