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Scott Greider

Wow! Bravo, Dan! What a great perspective and how wonderfully written. FW needs to embrace this guy with open arms. And I look forward to meeting him, and perhaps even supporting his work.

Daniel Harrison

That was great, and it definitely hit a chord for me. I also put a link to the column on my blog. Thanks Mitch!

Jason Blosser

I thought the future of Fort Wayne was Harrison Square and a big hole in the Embassy! Oh wait...sorry. I couldn't resist.

In all seriousness, there are a number of arts-minded individuals in Fort Wayne who hunger for more to do and see and experience. The upcoming loss of Maestro Tchivzhel will adversely affect the FW Philharmonic as will the Board's push for more "accessible" music to attract a "younger" audience.

Mr. Swartz is right when he says Fort Wayne is a city with much potential. I'm not into the art scene, and so I limit my comments to the area of the arts I am most interested in: music.

How nice it would be if Fort Wayne could support more music than just the seasonal Philharmonic or the Fort Wayne Community Band. Maybe Fort Wayne could support a small chamber orchestra or string quartet.

It would be nice, at least from my perspective, if smaller local bands and musical groups had a more centralized place to perform.

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