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Julie Robinson

The News-Sentinel has also been affected by press problems, but it is not as obvious since most people don't look for the afternoon paper until they get home from work. In reality, it is usually delivered in the early to mid-afternoon when on time.

The agency I work for reads the daily papers for the reading impaired, and we receive early copies of the News-Sentinel. They are usually delivered around 11 am, but for the last two weeks they've consistently been anywhere from 1-3 hours late.

No big deal? Not for us. Our volunteers arrive at 12:45 to prep for 1:30 live airtime. When we have to download and print each story from online, it takes over an hour of staff time, not to mention the additional stress on the volunteers.

The Journal Gazette posts an apology online when the paper is late. The News-Sentinel doesn't even mention the problem. The customer service reps I talk to almost daily are also left in the dark. Ogden (the owner of the News-Sentinel and majority owner of the JOA) would serve its public much better by admitting the problem and giving the customer service reps accurate information to relay to customers.

As frustrating as it is for customers, can you imagine what it would be like to work there? Obviously there is a big problem with the new press. Maybe it's time to return to the old press until they can get the new one fixed.

Cathy Dee

I thought maybe I had been skipped on the route this morning ... until I called circulation ... several times ... and got a busy signal every time. Figured it out.

Gary Schepp

I was thinking that maybe it was due to the "Weekender" section being the cause. The problem has been Friday's both times right? But if the News Sentinel is having a problem too then it must be something else.

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