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Jeff Herr

Doug - I am in a similiar position as yours, although I was lucky enough to have his discharge papers from which to start my research.

Online, I discovered a reunion association for his division, which was able to provide me with names of members that were in the same regiment as my grandfather. I sent letters to them asking if they remembered him, any suggestions on searching, etc.

The response I received was overwhelming. Many of these men have passed away, but several had very specific memories of my grandfather and I was able to meet one gentlemen who witnessed the actions for which my grandfather was awarded the Bronze Star.

historychannel.com has forums that you may have some luck in finding info about his division, regiment, etc. Best of luck.

MIke Harper

Go to the V.A. on Lake Ave. Ask at the desk for a request pertaining to military records. You will have to have some info on the person in question,to fill the form out,ask for his DD214 and 201 file, send it in to the address provided. That's it.

Howard Rogers

Hello, My dad (Howard Rogers Jr) was in the 1st Platoon, Company A, 1st Battalion, 121st Infantry Reg., 8th Inf Div. I am somewhat lucky in that I have a lot of his personal items including original uniforms and documents. I have letters he wrote home and I took notes( I am a Nam Vet so dad and I could talk about the war where a lot of fellows would not talk about there experiences with family members.) when we would sit down and talk about the war. After the war he reenlisted and went OCS, Ft. Knox, numerous camps and went reserves till 63 when the stress of owning a business was to much and he retired. Be glad to hear from any one who has an interest. Thanks Howard

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