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brian stouder

Last year, we went to Springfield, Illinois and visited the Lincoln Home National Historic Site. It is 4 blocks of preserved and restored historic homes and structures, with plank sidewalks and gravel streets, overseen by the National Park Service. I was very impressed to see Senator Durbin's nameplate on the door of one of the beautiful old homes, up the block from Lincoln's 8th & Jackson street place.

Now THAT's a perq worth having!!

Sheri Rouse

I'm way more impressed by his "Nay" vote in the rebuke of Iran yesterday than his choice of office space to lease. He is restoring my faith in him.

Cathy Dee

Not to mention the new restaurant in the former Spoons location, as mentioned in the JG last week: "...Vigneto, a new Mediterranean-inspired restaurant and wine bar that opens today. It’s in the former Spoons Bistro, next to Mitchell Books in Covington Plaza."

Katie Casey

Great idea to have it in a storefront. The more accessible, the better.

Now, when is Mark Souder going to open an office for constituents next to the Elias Ruff restaurant in Grabill? There has to be room in that old Antique Mall--the building even has his name outside!

I'm just saying; it would be fantastic.

Gary Schepp

Why would Souder open an office in NE Indiana? He's more likely to open one at Notre Dame or someplace where they have lighthouses.

Kudos to Senator Lugar relocating to an office I hope is more accessible.

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