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Alex Jokay

I used to work for the American Bar Association and remember editing a white paper in the '90s about the enormous growth of the legal profession. In 1960, there were about 100,000 lawyers in the U.S.; by 2000 it was expected that the number would be over 1 million, with more women entering law school than men for the first time ever. The paper made some dire predictions about too many lawyers competing for what would be diminishing slices of the business pie; perhaps this notion was predicated on the idea that ambulance chasers wouldn't be allowed to advertise as they do today, which the ABA strenuously opposed because it's unseemly and erodes the public's respect for the profession.

I also remember Pat Robertson suing the ABA back then for refusing to accredit his new law school; not sure whatever came of that.

Anyway, there's definitely a need for a law school in this part of the state. A lot of us who might otherwise attend law school don't because it would mean having to relocate.

Patrick McAlister

Pat Robertson's Law school at Regent University was accredited in 1996 by the American Bar Association. The school is considered in the lowest tier of law schools by US News and World Report. In the Commonwealth of Virginia where the school is located, the bar exam pass rate is 21% lower than the state average.

But what would you expect from a school founded by a man who advocates for the assasination of foreign heads of state. This is a man who believes that God was punishing Ariel Sharon via his illness for being nice to the Palestinians. This was a 77 year old man who claimed he could do 2000 pound leg presses. This man has an accredited law school under his power with lawyers who buy this crap.

Interestingly enough, the Current Occupant of the White House has an interesting propensity to hire these law school graduates. Monica Goodling, who gained media attention as the "connection who knew nothing" between the White House and the justice department was a Regents Law School grad.

Tom Fox

I've known Christopher Klose for over 20 years, since our days together in the Moses Administration. I've always found him to be professional, engaging and genuinely enthusiastic about the political process. Knowing that he is involved in the Henry campaign gives me renewed confidence in the candidate and the campaign. Thanks Mitch for this update on one of the really good guys in politics.

Katie Casey

An evening school program would work well in Fort Wayne; don't know how much demand there would be for a day program.

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