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John B. Kalb

Wow! That's 409 more! Can we absorb that many in one year? John B. Kalb

A Beaverhausen

I see a Dewey and a Cheatham....hopefully there is a Howe out there looking for partners.

Elizabeth  Wegmann

"What do you call 409 attorneys at the bottom of a lake?

Ed. question: Would your particular punchline change if they were 409 insurance defense attorneys?

Alex Jokay

At the rate Gwen Morgan is advertising, 409 insurance defense counsel probably won't be enough. The Courthouse Preservation Trust really oughtta charge her a percentage for use of the classy backdrop.

Elizabeth  Wegmann

What would you call 409 attorneys at the bottom of a lake?

A good beginning:)

Spoken as the daughter of a Patent-Attorney - John A. Young.

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