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Jason Blosser

Thanks, Tom. I once enjoyed the freedom to make personal decisions for myself.

Bobett Kelley

Cement-mixer crash kills Homestead Senior.
At the intersection of Hadley Rd.
at the stop sign that T's into Bass Rd. That corner is obstructed by brush, trees and a sharp blind spot to the right.

This intersection at Hadley & Bass Rd. needs to be re-evaluated. Why can Bass Road vehicles travel at 50 mpr. before the tracks and not have a stop sign at this site? Hadley Road has a 35 mpr limit with a stop sign.

The 18 year old Homestead Senior was T-Boned. It does not appear the cement mixer
tried to turn into another lane or avert the accident.

"Paramedics, who responded to the 3:55 p.m. crash, pronounced the woman dead at the scene, Stone said. The driver of the truck was not injured in the crash.

The intersection is just east of the point where Yellow River Road and Bass Road join. Although there is a stop sign at Yellow River Road, the traffic on Bass Road does not stop and has the right of way, police said.


This intersection needs to be a 3-way stop.

Gary Schepp


Personal decisions for yourself?

You don't want limits on speeding?

You don't want stop signs or stop lights?

You want to drive your vehicle wherever you want even if there isn't a road or path?

You want to smash your vehicle into others or better yet maybe others should smash theirs into yours.

You want to drive your vehicle at night without lights.

You want to go without using turn signals so others can guess if you are turning.

You want to drive your vehicle backwards on the highway.

You want to pass school buses that are stopped when letting children off.

I'm sure those actions would make a good citizen in a community.

Mike Hunsche

I've lived out in Aboite all my life, the biggest problem with this intersection is people on Hadley pulling out in front of people on Bass, and not because they don't see them, but simply because they are in a hurry and don't want to wait till there is actually enough time for them to pull out. I've been cutoff here numerous times by all variety of drivers.

The best thing they could do is reconfigure the entire intersection and make it a 4 way stop with Yellow River Road. The shed/barn thing at the SE corner needs to be torn down, whatever is inside it can be moved or a smaller bldg put around.

Overall the intersection isn't the problem so much as people just not paying attention when driving.

2 Students from HHS drove into a train in 1997 by the Landfills on Smith Road, the problem wasn't a lack of warning by the railroad. The problem was the driver wasn't paying attention.

Bobett Kelley

Obviously, this intersection is a problem.

And solutions are in process.

Bless your soul Zena,
May your father that cared for patients
locally & passed of cancer rejoice with you in Heaven.

Bless you & your family always.

Jason Blosser

Oh, Gary...

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