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C. Edward Eckert

We have such highly ranked private colleges, but the state legislature continues to throw money at IU and Purdue. Are they trying to force great private educational institutions out like these of business? Why not allow more money to follow the students and support the great private higher education opportunities in this state (and help to increase the contribution that these coleges make to the small town economies that they are located.)

And why not support private education as a means of reducing the amount of students dependents of the state funded education bureaucracy. This would eventually reduce the higher education liability portion on the state budget.

And maybe, due to the fact that many small school students are local and wish to stay close to home after graduation, Indiana could reverse the brain drain.

...For the life of me, I can't understand why the IN legislature is so hostel to private enterprise in education and so eager to waste tax dollars on a state funded educational system that is wasteful and bloated, and doesn’t even produce the results of retaining students in-state, or even maintain an affordable tuition for in-state students.

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