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Scott Greider

Cudos to Brown for going against the grain!

Hugh Johnson

If Commissioner Brown isn't fiscally responsible with his own money, e.g. buying faddish gadgets, how can we expect him to spend responsibly from the county coffers?

When can we expect the county to start buying $3,700 trash bins?

Chris Hedges

The Chicago Fire and Police Departments use Segways to get around. I've seen paramedics roll right into the Daley Center with all of their equipment responding to emergency calls.

Segways are also in use at the new Planet Hollywood casino's mall in Las Vegas. The information people roam around helping lost tourists find whatever they are looking for in the mall.

I don't know if Segways are for everyone -- just as most people aren't giving up their cars for mopeds or bicycles. But, the Segway is a nice tool for getting around in an urban area.

A nice benefit of riding a Segway is that I've read that in certain places, Segways are treated the same way as wheelchairs are, so it is possible to bring a Segway into a building -- something that isn't possible with other transportation devices.)

Zachary McConnell

Ivy Tech Northeast's main campus here in Fort Wayne also has a Segway for use by the on-campus police.

Robert Enders

What he does with his own money is nobody's business. What he does with our money is everybody's business.

Technically it is illegal to ride a bicycle or moped on a sidewalk in a business district in Fort Wayne, although I am not aware of anyone who has actually been cited. A officer brazen enough to cite a county commisioner could argue that the Segway is legally a moped.

The City Council needs to formally establish that it is legal to ride a bicycle (or Segway) downtown if they want to draw more people there.

Jeff Herr

At one point this summer, the city of South Bend was giving historical tours of the city on Segways. $40 got you two hours on a Segway and a historical tour of the city.

Dan Carmody-- You can count me in if you can get this running in Fort Wayne.

John Wallace, Bluffton, IN

The Indianapolis Airport Police use them to patrol the terminals and the parking area.

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