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Deborah Stark Mitchell

Vern's passing (and he was never Judge Sheldon, he was always "Vern" of "Vern and Libby") touches many of us in Fort Wayne. He was a good friend to my dad and mom and a great leader and role model to the many lives that he touched in a very positive way. In addition to being a good jurist, he could tell a good story and was great fun - and a stellar example of a decent gentleman. He will be missed, but he leaves a great legacy.

Julie Brown

Vernon Sheldon was my Mother's uncle. I was trying to contact him while doing family research and saw this article. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. If there is a current address to contact Libby at I would appreciate you forwarding it to the email address above. Thank you!

Richard Clark, Jr.

I met Vern 4-5 years earlier- we had good times out and on the golf course where I spent most of my time. I enjoyed a short visit with my ex-wife- toured the I have enjoyed knowing Vern and l a ball on the edge of the cup from 100 yards- it fell in- his ruling that though it went in half way to the hole ment it was an eagle still stands- the 20 second rule did not apply when not on the green. Fort Wayne is a wonderful country like town such as Louisville, Ky.'s east end the court house takes me back to Louis and Clark days- down to earth as Vern was to me-

Richard Clark, Jr.

Richard Clark, Jr.-407486 3261

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