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Bob Stackhouse

"Green" is always expensive and often unnecessary. I think that I read that the city has purchased some hybrid vehicles, which certainly are not economical with presently high sticker costs.

Then again we are talking about imposing upon the taxpayers, so who among the city's elite would care?

Ken Schenk

Please tell me these are demonstrator models and that we did not spend tax or other money on these silly things.

Don Schmidt, you nailed it.

Hugh Johnson

Why does the city insist on wasting our money in new innovative ways?

Cory Craig

A brand new library, a brand new baseball complex plus other buildings, a proposed $500+ million renovation of schools, and now a $3,700 dollar trash can. What's next?

Shows just how responsible our leaders are.

It is much easier to spend money on wasteful things when that money is not yours.

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