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Mike Sylvester

We have some rather large problems in the State of Indiana:

Our wages are significantly lower then most other States.

Our taxes are rising.

Many of our high paying manufacturing jobs have left the country and more will follow.

I truly think our elected officials should stop passing "nanny laws" and address some of the real issues we have.

Mike Sylvester

P.S. Elected officials should start with property taxes...

Ben Weaver

Who keeps voting for State Sen. Thomas Wyss? This guy continues to try and push big government down our throats while hiding behind the Republican party name.

Look, if somebody wants to do something that is potentially dangerous to themselves and it is not going to hurt anybody else, then let them do it and let them face the consequences. It is called RIGHTS with RESPONSIBILITIES.

Time and time again our legislatures are trying to take both away from us: our rights and our sense of self responsibilities. Just take care of my roads, keep my taxes low as you can, and bring in the jobs, ok?

Cory Craig

Agreed with Mike Sylvester.

Besides, seatbelt laws should be done away with anyways.

Roger McNeill

Yes, thanks to Tom Wyss for being our nanny once again. We're such children!

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